a helpful guide for the first few weeks of being engaged

Last month, the love of your life asked you to marry him. You of course said yes, but now you do not know where to start with your wedding planning in the Bastrop, TX area. You start asking questions, and then start asking questions about those questions. How do I create a budget when I have no idea how much a wedding cost? Should I invite my best friend from 6th grade that I talk to once every two years? Do I even have a wedding style? I've never thought about what kind of dress I want to wear down the aisle. Which venue will give me the biggest bang for my buck? Should I just have a destination wedding?

Planning your wedding should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. Below are a few helpful steps to keep any bride sane during the daunting process of planning her dream wedding.

 1.    Create a guest list, and revise it at least two times before you commit. Ultimately, the size of your guests list will affect your budget drastically. We all want to plan a 200 person wedding with stunning floral, gourmet food, full service premium bar for under $10,000, unfortunately it may not be that simple. With the assistance of Birch Tree Events, we can help set a realistic wedding budget for the size of your guest count, as well as maintain this budget throughout the wedding planning process.

2.    You're on Pinterest, and it's getting overwhelming, but you just can't stop. While Pinterest is an excellent tool for wedding planning, your pre-engagement pins and your post engagement pins are mixing up, and you don't know which pins you like best. Take a moment to stop, and go for a walk or if you're like me, go shoe shopping. Creating a vision board is very important when planning your wedding in Bastrop, TX, but not as important as your sanity. Together, you and your planner at Birch Tree Events can create the perfect vision board for your dream wedding. Throughout the wedding planning process, we can reference this vision board to execute upon your envisioned decor.

3.    All you want to do is go dress shopping, which is one of our favorite parts of planning a wedding too. Before you say yes to the dress, determine how you want to feel on your wedding day. Do you want to be an elegant princess dancing the night away in a ballroom gown, or do you want to feel like a roman goddess in a light and airy dress? Do you prefer lace over tulle, or would you like a combination of both? The choices are endless, and you cannot decide which route to head down. The wedding planners at Birch Tree Events can help you narrow down the choices before the wedding dress shopping becomes overwhelming. Instead of rushing to dress shop, lets create a strategic plan to make the shopping experience enjoyable.

4.    You want to book your wedding venue first, but you're getting confused with the difference between all-inclusive wedding venues and DIY wedding venues. You're noticing that the all-inclusive wedding venues all include different features and elements. While the DIY wedding venues overwhelm you because you don't want to move tables on your wedding day.  Take a deep breath, because the wedding planners at Birch Tree Events can help narrow down the wedding venues, create an apples to apples comparable list and even go view the venues with you to ask those questions, that you may not think of yourself.

While you're perfectly capable of planning your dream wedding by yourself, why should you when you have Birch Tree Events ready to help you every step of the way? Our wedding planning packages were thoughtfully constructed to include as many services as you see fit. Whether you are only looking for assistance the day of your wedding, or you like guidance throughout the entire wedding planning process, let us help you plan your dream wedding.