In recent months, I started to re-brand my company, and in doing so I decided to compare my wedding planning services and packages to others in the industry. I was amazed with the number of services that were not included in other wedding planners packages.

In my opinion, there are three services that should NEVER be missing in wedding planner packages. Please read below for my recommendations and opinions.

1.       Unlimited Communication- The key to a successful event is clear communication. If you are considering a wedding planner that limits the amount of communication you are able to have with them, then I would suggest you rethink booking their services.

Yes I receive text messages at 10:00PM and no I do not always respond to them right then and there, but I would never consider limiting the amount of communication because clients text me after hours. I want my clients to feel free to reach out to me when they have any questions because I would rather answer all their questions prior to their wedding day, then fall short on expectations because they were never discussed.


2.       Conducting Rehearsals-  Maybe this goes back to my dancer days, but rehearsals are key with wedding ceremonies. I could not image going center stage during a dance recital without ever practicing on stage, and the same goes for wedding ceremonies. Sure most people have been in multiple weddings, but they have never participated in YOUR wedding before. 

It amazes me that wedding planners ditch rehearsals because that is where I get to know the bridal party and family members for the first time. I get to bond with them so that the day of the wedding they are comfortable with asking me questions throughout the day. A rehearsal is so much more than practicing your ceremony-- although that is the most important part. It's also for me as the wedding planner to talk about key parts of the wedding, explain expectations to the bridal party and for me to meet your family.


3.       Vendor Recommendations- Let's face it, I'm a control freak! I absolutely love knowing the vendors I'm working with prior to the event. I love that I have my preferred DJ's that know what I am thinking from across the room. Or that my caterers know how long I expect dinner serve time should be. While I love to work with new vendors, I also vet them and communicate expectations, and I hope they will do to me as well.  

I ran into a wedding planner and asked who they recommend for photography, and they said they don't offer preferred vendors because they wouldn't want to limited their clients services and creativity. I disagree with this 100%. As part of a wedding planner, it's our job to know vendors and recommend our clients to these vendors so long as they match well with our clients preferences. I cannot even imagine how overwhelming it could be to search for wedding vendors without any guidance. It's my job as a wedding planner to be a guide throughout the wedding planning process to allow for a stress-free vendor selection experience.


If you're seeking a wedding planner in Bastrop, Texas then I encourage you download my wedding planning packages for a full list of services or call me at 832.524.4101.